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With effect from December 2012 we no longer offer a recycling service.


Commercial Cardboard Recycling
Commercial Plastic Recycling
Commercial Paper & Brochures Recycling
Office Document Recycling
Pallet Recycling
Security Shredding
Earthly Enterprises provides a Commercial Cardboard Recycling Service, an Office and Waste Paper Recycling Service and a Retail, Farm & Equestrian Plastic Recycling Service in and around the Worcester and Tenbury Wells area.
Why is recycling such as good idea?
Paper & cardboard should be recycled because each tonne recycled saves:-
  • 17 trees
  • 32,000 litres of water
  • 2 cubic metres of landfill
  • 4100 kw / hours of electricity
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You may have found that in the past is has been uneconomical to recycle your waste, but unlike the large waste management companies where one size fits all, we are able to adapt our service to suit your needs and offer very competative rates.
800 Litre Sack800 Litre Sack
400 Litre Sack
Shredding Sack
We can supply either large 800 litre sacks (similar to 1 tonne Builders Merchant Sand Bags) or smaller 400 litre sacks. We also welcome baled cardboard.

The cardboard can be collected on a regular basis or when required.

Although we sell Animal Bedding made from shredded cardboard, all the cardboard we collect is sent for pulping and re-manufacturing.
Office Waste

Sorted Office Waste, printer and photocopier paper and white non-window envelopes, can be pulped and recycled as paper.

We supply sacks for non-confidential office waste. We recommend that any confidential waste is bagged separately for shredding.
Security Shredding

To comply with The Data Protection Act 1998, and to protect your business, and customers against possible fraud, you should destroy your old documentation.

Files such as Personnel and PAYE records, accounts and VAT records, customer information, sales enquiries, banking information along with commercially sensitive information such as old brochures, sales plans or company reports, which if competitors acquired could expose the secrets to your success!

We supply strong polypropylene sacks and sack ties, so that your documents are secure whilst we transport them for shredding.

There is no need to remove paper clips, plastic document wallets, staples etc.
Documents are shredded as soon as possible after leaving your premises.

We then issue a certificate confirming destruction.
Plastic & Polythenes

Plastic is collected, sorted and baled to be reprocessed.

There is a wide range of products made from recycled plastic. This includes polyethylene bin liners and carrier bags; PVC sewer pipes, flooring and window frames; building insulation board; video and compact disc cassette cases; fencing and garden furniture; water butts, garden sheds and composters; seed trays; anoraks and fleeces; fibre filling for sleeping bags and duvets; and a variety of office accessories.

We can supply either large 800 litre sacks (similar to 1 tonne Builders Merchant Sand Bags) or smaller 400 litre sacks.

The plastic can be collected on a regular basis or as required.
Your pallets are collected, sorted and either reused or used as biomas fuel.
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